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Basic Obedience

It is never too late to teach your dog obedience!


Having a well-trained dog benefits not just you but your furry friend too! Dogs love structure and having a purpose, and obedience training gives them exactly that. It's not just handy at home and in public; it's also a cool trick to show off to your pals!

When your dog is obedient, life becomes way easier. You can leave them alone at home without stressing, leave your dinner on the table without them gobbling it up, open the front door without them dashing out, and enjoy walks without constant tugging or craziness.

So, why wait? Let Heel Yeah K9 Training help you and your pup get on the road to success! Schedule your training now and see the pawsome results!

Basic Obedience training includes the following:

• Basic Commands (Sit, Down, Stay, etc.)

• Advanced Commands (Break, Leave it, Heel, etc.)

• Household Rules

• Prevent Jumping

• Prevent Counter-surfing

• Prevent Play-biting

• Socialization

• Custom Commands

• Leash Manners

• Household Hierarchy

• Food Manners

• In-Person or Virtual Training

If this sounds like the right fit for you and your dog, Request a Quote below!

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