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Meet the Team


CEO / Master Dog Trainer


My love for dogs started when I was just a kid playing with our family's Standard Poodle. As I grew older, my passion for dogs only grew stronger. I became a trusted dog walker and sitter for my friends, family, and neighbors.

My interest in dog training began with my rescue dog, Tyson, who was large and dominant. Through working with him, I learned how crucial training is for a dog's overall wellbeing and safety, especially when dealing with difficult behaviors. Patience has become an essential trait when breaking a dog of old habits and introducing new ones.

I am excited to share my knowledge with other dog owners and help them learn how to work together with their furry friends as a team in any environment. I strongly believe that educating the owner is just as important as educating the dog. Consistency is crucial for a dog's success, and owner involvement is vital in achieving that consistency.

With my extensive background in working with special needs children, I have developed patience and can efficiently develop alternatives if unwanted behaviors persist. I am also skilled at reading a dog's body language, which helps me understand their needs better.

I am looking forward to helping you and your family provide the best care for your beloved pet. Let's work together to make sure your furry friend is happy, healthy, and well-behaved.


Dog Trainer


My decision to pursue a career as a dog trainer stems from my personal experience with my first and current canine companion, Azul. Through the training process, I have formed a strong bond with her, which has motivated me to assist others in establishing a similar relationship with their pets. Azul has played a pivotal role in my life, serving as both a service dog and a loyal companion, ultimately helping me discover my true passion.


Dog Trainer


For as long as I can remember, my family has always had dogs and they were always considered our best friends. That love has grown stronger as I became an adult, a dog mom and now a dog trainer. My husband and I have five dogs of our own so we both understand how much training goes into the development of a solid home environment for any dog! 


My education and behavioral background has helped me understand dog’s and human behaviors tremendously. I have a keen eye for the small details that help me connect with dogs and explain certain aspects of a dog to their owner. My patience, understanding, flexible and out of the box thinking provides a platform for working with the traits of a dog rather than against them. 


Like the success I had in the classroom, I truly believe that stability and consistency are key in any style of training. My skills in the behavioral world seem to transfer over flawlessly with the understanding that dog’s are people too. Their behaviors depend on their environment, their trust, their past experiences and most of all the love we have to give. 


While my tool box is never full, I do feel as though I already have comprehensive and well-rounded skills for working with all kinds of dogs. I look forward to enriching the lives of more pet parents and their kiddos!


Dog Trainer


Chris is a family man who lives in Northwest Peoria. Growing up, he has always had a passion for helping others, both humans and animals alike. His passion for learning and helping animals has brought him to Heel Yeah K9, where he hopes to bring a balanced approach to helping others throughout the northwest valley, whether they have two feet or four.

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