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Take the first step to training!

Consultations include the following:

Our in-home consultations, priced at $100, provide an invaluable opportunity to kickstart your dog's journey to obedience and harmony.

During the consultation, one of our experienced trainers will visit your home, assess your dog's behavior, and discuss your specific goals and concerns. The $100 consultation fee, collected upfront as a non-refundable payment, ensures a dedicated spot with our skilled trainers.

This fee acts as a credit towards the total cost of your personalized training package, which will be determined based on the specific requirements of your dog. After purchasing the consultation, one of our trainers will promptly reach out to you, initiating a collaborative and tailored approach to address your dog's training needs effectively.

Choose Heel Yeah K9 Training for a personalized, professional, and effective dog training experience that puts you and your canine companion on the path to success!

• One on one time with one of our experienced trainers

• First introduction to the dog(s)

Evaluation for dog(s) and household

• Question time

• Contract, payment and scheduling

• Customized training plan

If this sounds like the right fit for you and your new puppy,

Book a consultation below!

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