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Loose Leash Walking

We should feel comfortable and confident while walking our dogs.


As dog owners, it's crucial for us to feel confident while walking our furry pals, and not let them drag us around. Dogs are pack animals, and when we establish ourselves as the pack leader, it's a win-win situation. They benefit from having a strong pack leader, and we enjoy more control during walks. Loose leash walking is super useful in many situations – evening strolls, errands, group walks, hanging out with other dogs, hiking, you name it! It's way better for your arm and your dog's neck, plus your pup still gets six feet of freedom!

Let Heel Yeah K9 Training help you out on the journey to success with your dog. Book your training session now!

Loose Leash Walking training includes the following:

• Recommended Equipment

• No Harsh Leash Corrections

• Stop Pulling

• Leash Manners

• Leash Obedience

• Pack Hierarchy

• Walking By Your Side

• Great Platform To Learn “Heel”

• Prevent Reactivity

• In-Person or Virtual Training

If this sounds like the right fit for you and your new puppy, Request a Quote below!

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